Some of the Arcosanti staff, volunteers and workshoppers, photo taken on June 3. 2004:

[top row from left]: Kip Hersted – Foundry/Tourism, Ray Shong – Construction, Larry Meagher – Ceramics, Nick Bortel – Construction, Gabriel Hendrix – Construction, John Spinner – Construction, Paolo Cerizza – Workshop, Linda Fournier – Ceramic Tiles, Ruth-Claire Weintraub – Publications, Jewel Welter – Publications, Dijana Alickovic – Workshop, Scott Riley – Utilities/Construction, Andy Klee – Foundry. [third row from left]: Bernadette O’Neill – Ceramics, Uzair Ahmed Quraishi – Public Relations, Sean Smith – Agriculture, Brad Crutchfield – Agriculture, Dan Kelliher – Workshop, Valerie Lane – Workshop, Scott Dolan – Agriculture, Jennifer Wolf – Ceramics, Mika Kawai – Construction: [second row from left]: Kelli Huth – Public Relations/Workshop Coordination, Jim Huth – Foundry, Caroline Campbell – Planning, Silvia Pazzanese – Landscaping, Sarah Beth Kurzhals – Agriculture, Anita Punja – Planning/Construction, Bethany Erfourth – Construction, Eleanor Gillis – Cafe, Nadia Begin – Ceramics: [bottom row from left]: Ron Chandler – Landscaping, Mark Barris – Maintenance, Mark Wigham – Maintenance, Monica Ramirez – Foundry, Eva Strickland – Foundry.
[Photo: Siobhan Watts & Text: sa]

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