Arcosanti residents, staff, volunteers and workshoppers on September 9. 2004.

[top row from left]: workshoppers Therese Kristiansson and Paolo Meccaci, landscaping coordinator Ron Chandler, foundry manager Jim Huth, foundry staff Kip Hersted [also AZ Tourism coordinator] and Gabriel Hendrix, construction and utilities manager Scott Riley, workshopper Chihiro Adachi, almost hidden – bakery coordinator Gin Harris, construction crew leader Brendan Scott, planning coordinator Dan Kelliher, agriculture staff and camp coordinator Sean Smith, workshopper Bruno Larios, volunteer Craig Moore, workshopper Erika Peres, foundry staff Stephen Kelly, workshoppers Megan Willis and Alicia Rossberg.

[middle row from left]: foundry staff Porter Smith, landscaping staff Josh Krimmel, workshoppers Yuta Senga and Satoru Kitada, construction volunteer Mika Kawai, workshopper Sofia Digerstedt, agriculture volunteer SaraBeth Kurzhals, archive staff Yuki Yanagimoto and maintenance staff Mark Baris.

[lower middle row from left]: workshop coordinator Kelli Huth, Cosanti foundry staff Dave Koppe, Cosanti foundry manager Hannes Garrett, ceramics staff Nadia Begin, maintenance member Mark Whigham, workshopper Helga Roessler, agriculture volunteer and bakery staff Camilla Jolda, book initiative coordinator Jewel Blackfeather, foundry staff Monica Ramirez, agriculture manager Brad Crutchfield, receptionist Shirlee Wheeler, public relations Charlie Provine and ceramic tile staff Linda Fournier.

[lower row from left]: ceramics staff Bernadette O’Neill [in purple shirt], construction and archive volunteer Jacob Schwartz [with sunglasses], sitting infront are workshopper Isaac Punzalan and italian project coordinator Matteo Di Michele, also project directors Tomiaki Tamura and Mary Hoadley, and planning intern Dennis Gerrigk.
[Photo & Text: sa]

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