The Arcosanti Foundry, viewed from an adjacent mesa.

To continue the report from Oct.6. on the Foundry extension, a set of four awnings are to be installed. The first of four, a white canvas awning threaded onto a curved pivoting steel frame, is installed by a crew of staff and workshoppers. This first awning shades half of the newly completed Foundry porch, a quarter of the total Foundry space.
[Image & Text: JS]

The new awning matches the curvature of the apse.

The shade structure is designed with a subtle curve matching that of the apse. The shadows cast by the two passive solar structures, apse and awning, align in congruence on the ground.
[Photo & Text: JS]

The new awning is tied to its frame by staff and workshoppers.

The installation crew is composed of Construction staff and workshoppers, and Maintenance staff and workshoppers. Foundry Extension Project Manager Dave Tollas helps workshopper Megan Willis thread the awning onto its steel frame.
[Photo & Text: JS]

The shade structure installed.

The second stretch of canvas is in place, and this first half of the shade structure has been completed. Adjustable posts on the two outer corners allow the angle of each awning to change depending on the Foundry’s shade requirements.
In the foreground, bell moulds laid out by Foundry employees are ready for the morning bronze pour.
[Photo & Text: JS]

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