The Colly Soleri Music Center hosted the annual 7-day workshop of CALIFORNIA E.A.R. UNIT. The Los Angeles based new music ensemble is dedicated to the performance, promotion and creation of the exciting music of our time. Each year this group performs world premiere compositions written for the California EAR Unit by a new group of young composers. [top from left]: Peter Jacobson, cello, composer Lee Hartman, Vicky Ray, piano, Marty Walker, clarinet, composer Hubert Ho and composer David Wightman. [front from left]: composer Trevor Berens, Dorothy Stone, flute, composer William J. Lackey, Robin Lorentz, violin, Amy Knoles, percussion and composer Robert Paterson.
[Photo & Text: sa]


The compositions performed were TWO MOVEMENTS FROM SPIN CYCLE by Hubert Ho, BADASS by David Wightman, OSCURRO-SCINTILLA by Lee Hartman, MIRFAK AT MIDNIGHT by Trevor Berens, TWISTED TENSIONS by William J. Lackey and THE THIN ICE OF YOUR FRAGILE MIND by Robert Peterson. And again, chef Eleanor and the cafe crew presented a delicious meal: Sweet Pea Soup, Green Salad with Pears and Pecans, Asparagus, Pureed Parsnips, Shrimp on Polenta Toasts, Stuffed Portabello Mushrooms and for desert Arcosanti Peach Crisp and Cream.
[Photo: Yuki Yanagimoto & Text: sa]

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