The waterpump house, which contains the pump and its controller, is located at the foot of the Arcosanti Mesa. The well is located under the pump house and water used on the Arcosanti site is obtained from this well. The area surrounding the pump house doors needs a new concrete footing.

The concrete form is prepared in various steps. Dimensions of the form are laid out and stakes are put into the ground to hold the wood panels in place. Water is poured onto the ground to keep the surface moist. Then a layer of plastic and wire mesh is put in place. Metal stakes are drilled into the original concrete foundation to hold the new concrete to its surface.
[Photos & text: Melissa Poluski]


The concrete mix is prepared and everyone helps bring the concrete in buckets to fill up the form.
[Photo: Poul Anderson & text: Melissa Poluski]


When the form is filled the surface is leveled with a screed and the toweled to ensure a clean surface. The concrete is then colored using a dry powder pigment mixed onto the top of the concrete.
[Photo: Scott Riley & text: Melissa Poluski]

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