? Paolo Soleri was honored by the INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF ARCHITECTURE for a life work of a true visionary in architecture, planning and ecology.
He was bestowed the recognition of ACADEMICIAN of the International Academy of Architecture.
Architect Brian A. Spencer, AIA / IAA / PAACH and member of the IAA Academic Council, delivered the award and metal to Paolo in front of the Cosanti Gallery.

? The International Academy of Architecture, represents the global architectural community with the professed goals:
1. To stimulate architecture creation, theory and architecture education.
2. To popularize the work of its members and to work towards the development of young talents in architecture.
3. To work on the global, regional and local problems of architecture, urban planning and environment, and towards a steady development of civil society.
4. To aid in the fulfillment of the Academy’s programs and its committees regarding architecture, urban planning and environment and for a steady development of civil society.
5. To perform creative and educational activities and research.
6. To work towards the development of new ideas and concepts in contemporary architecture.

Through the unanimous election of the Academic Council of the Academy, represented by:
1. President Georgi Stoilov / Architect from Bulgaria
2. Jan Hoogstad / Architect from the Netherlands
3. Manfredi Nicolletti / Architect from Italy
4. Kiyonori Kikutake / Architect from Japan
5. Yuri Platanov / Architect from Russia
6. Pierre-Andre Dufetel / Architect from France
7. Brian A. Spencer / Architect from the United States

? Long time friend and supporter Lisa Scafuro with Paolo Soleri, Brian Spencer and Cosanti Foundation Director Mary Hoadley.

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