? The first floor of Unit 9 and 10 in the East Crescent complex has become temporary recreation space. The Arcosanti library was moved into Unit 9, and Unit 10 now holds the pool table, ping-pong table and a fuss-ball table, with a small weight and exercise room in the back.

? Construction staff cleared out both spaces to paint ceilings and walls to bring more light into the rooms, as the front of both units is still covered with a temporary wall of corrugated fiberglass. Ceilings and walls were steam cleaned before paint was applied. Workshop participants and staff had fun in plastic protective gear. Construction staff Melissa Soluski tapes the borders of the silt-cast ceiling design, while workshop participants Ilaria Ferraboli, Jung Ju Lee and Stanford Mandizha wash concrete surfaces.

? The construction staff electric crew, workshop participant Alfonso Elia and electrician Brendan Scott, complete wiring in the units. In the interior layout plans, the back portion of the library is actually a room that is part of an apartment with a north entrance. Part of this effort is to erect and complete the walls for this room. Angus Gluck teaches his crew of workshop participants how to put up metal studs and drywall, tape and mud the drywall and finally paint it. At the same time shelving and books in the library are slowly re-assembled. This report will continue.

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