Arcosanti has been built mainly by volunteers who participated in our workshop programs since 1970. Following that tradition, East Crescent will be the focal point of this year’s experiential programs.

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Passive, active and hybrid solar systems are incorporated in the design of this complex. Series of light scoops shown here provide passive solar heat gains in winter and cross ventilation cooling in summer through clerestory windows. With the eventual completion of the Energy Apron that is essentially a greenhouse planned on south-facing slope of the site, East Crerscent will demonstrate an integration of small-scale urban habitat and agricultural/energy production facilities.

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Thermal performance of the building greatly depends on tightness of the building envelope such as the quality of insulation layout and the control of air-infiltration.

[Photo Scott W. Riley & Text: T]

Five-week workshop programs start every 5 weeks. The first opportunity to participate in this hands-on program for 2006 will be on January 29.

[Photo: David de Gomez & Text: T]

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