? [From upper left] The water distribution system was near failing when the 3 inch line, that feeds everything west of the ceramcis facility, fractured at a fitting. The water distribution system is housed in a junction box nestled in a concrete casement.
The main line connecting to the junction box has to be excavated.
Maintenance manager Randall Schultz teaches young apprentice Charlie. A new hole has to be broken into the concrete wall for a new alignment of the 3 inch main line.
Schedule 80 fittings have arrived for the new manifold.
The location of the junction box is under the walkway, east of the Ceramics Apse and north of West Housing.
Additional digging is required to lay bare some 2 inch waterline that feed Crafts III and West-housing.

? [From upper left] Pipe has to be cut to size for manifold assembly.
Before glue-up, pipe is sanded and dry-fitted. After the pipe is primed, both pipe and fitting receive ample PVC glue.
Maintenance staff David De Gomez holds pipe to fitting for 30 seconds as the glue sets.
Randall is making a final connection between the valve and the old line.
The new manifold has been assembled and Randall proudly displays this beautiful piece of work.
The main valve contains a 3 inch quarter turn ball valve, which is very costly but durable.

? [From upper left] The old manifold has been removed and the new system is connected, waterline by waterline.
The main line has been diverted about 10 inches over and 12 inches lower, so that it now connects in the center of the box.
Utilities manager Scott Riley tests the newly completed manifold system.
David and Scott.
A small wall, made of recycled cinderblock, is placed around the main valve to extend the casement and protect the valve. More to come.

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