? We reported on 7/19 on a small tornado that again damaged the already strained tent structure of the Colly Soleri Music Center amphitheater.

? The Arcosanti maintenance crew has once again saved the day. Crew member Cabiria patiently repaired new tears from this last violent storm.

? The tent was erected in 1989 and has been repaired many times.
The Colly Soleri Amphitheater has been shelter to amazing events like the annual Poetry Slam in May, the annual Jazz and Blues Festival in June and the annual Italian Night in July. Music, theater and dance, conferences and discussions have been shaded from the intense Arizona sun and protected from the desert chill in the evening. It has served very well and way beyond its initial promise and really needs to be replaced.
Dear Alumni and Friends, your kind generosity can make a tremendous difference.

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