? The Colly Soleri Music Center prepares for the first musical event of the 2006 season. “Pasticcio” Carnival in Venice

Saturday, May 13

Dinner at 6:00 pm • Concert at 7:30 pm

Cast: Blanca — Helene Bergeon, soprano, Delisa — Karida Cardoso, dancer, Giuseppe — Hans Kliphuis, dancer.
Also Christine Parker, piano — Bianca’s mother, Celinda-Anne Levno, flute, Members of Terpsicore Dance Company: Danna Parker, Nicole Olson, Penelope Pantazon.

A “pasticcio” is a medley of music and arias by various composers. The form was so popular in 18th century Venice, when no copyright law existed, that Vivaldi himself compiled and produced about 40 of them.

Menu: Beet Soup [vegan], Salad of greens, oranges, black olives, spicy cashews and Italian herb dressing, Bourbon-glazed chicken breast stuffed with bleu cheese, almonds and apricot sauce, Portobello mushroom with artichoke heart and roasted garlic in a warm spinach bed [vegan], glazed red onions and pesto sauce tart, crispy butternut squash with sun-dried tomatoes and capers [vegan] and for dessert maple walnut cake with pear vanilla cream.

For more information please call (928) 632-6217 or (602) 254-5309

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