? [from upper left]
JEFF KUNZELMAN was discovered by Different Skies while he was living at Arcosanti and provided the poster artwork for the first 3 years. After delving into using computers to produce music for a number of years, Jeff has switched to using analog instruments for more a more tactile experience. He often perfoms using electronic music and digital video under the name Alpha60.
DARRELL BURGAN’s musical projects include Palancar and Cluster Balm and he is the brains behind Spirit Canyon Audio, creators of the world’s most sick and bent impulse responses for convolution reverbs.
BRIAN GOOD hails from northern Ohio and has been a quiet but pervasive force in the Internet electronic music community for over twenty years. An award-winning jazz woodwind player, he has performed at clubs and festivals across the US and Europe.
NICK ROTHWELL Nick is returning for his 2nd Different Skies, having attended in 2004. His music rig is based around custom computer software that translates simple control movements into complex and beautiful musical gestures, completely controlled by the artist but extrapolating his movements into ideas not playable by human hands.
JOHN ROSSI III became a regular in Mike’s band Team Metlay, and appears on each of their 3 CD releases. He now spends his creative time developing electronic music for the DTS 5.1 format in his CrystaLogic Productions studio in Florida.
RUSSELL FOSTER is a Phoenix native, a solo electronic artist who creates ambient music with a tribal edge under the name Una Voce. Rus has over twenty years’ experience as a guitarist, drummer, and keyboardist, and brings an exceptional artistic sensibility to this, his third Different Skies. Rus will be performing on keyboards, guitars, and electronic percussion.
DENNIS MOSER is an electronic guitarist who records music under the name “/usr/sbin”, and has been chatting with me about how he runs his guitar synthesizer through four Lexicon Vortex effects processors to achieve unique sounds.

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