? Saturday morning, in intense heat, preparations for the Italian Night event continued.

[photos from upper left] A film crew from Korea arrived and the camera man peaks over chef Eleanor Gillis shoulder during meal preparation. Workshop participants Laura Gomes and Cary Allison use a huge wooden spoon to stir the pasta. The vegetarian Peperonata (Italian Vegetable Ratatouille) will be served in tasty Parmesan cups. Volunteers Daniel Usaquen, Takahiro Suzuki and Mika Kawai line the wheel barrow from which pasta will be served and workshop participant Shannon Elliot and Mika apply the Italian national colors. Kerri Krueger and chef Eleanor decorate Antipasta plates.

? As set-up in the Vaults is in progress, the sky darkens and huge monsoon clouds come rolling in. A good and timely shower helped to cool things down and by the time visitors arrived rain and the capricious wind abated. The serving crew is ready for their stations. A site tour is included in the Italian Night package. Planning intern Wendy Wu with Antipasta plates.

? Paolo Soleri greets his guests with the Korean film crew following along. The pasta arrives and, as every year, Paolo serves the pasta from a wheel barrow to everyone. Four serving stations were set up to serve everyone efficiently. The food was absolutely delicious and the concert was lively and a treat.

There really is no way to convey this terrific event in a few photos – come next year and see for yourself.

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