? This continues the report from 11/15/06 about the casting of a custom counter with sink for the Light-scoop in Unit 10 in the East Crescent.
Planning coordinator Dan Kelligher has designed and cast a series of custom fitted counters and sinks for bathrooms on the second floor of Unit 6, Unit 7 and Unit 9. This present counter project is for a small kitchen area in the light-scoop studio.
[from upper left] After the crew carefully packed the form, construction and utilities manager Scott Riley vibrates the concrete mixture to bring any air-pockets to the surface. The concrete has to set for a minimum of 2 weeks.
Once the concrete hardened the form was flipped over and removed. The custom molded wood pieces in the middle of the form left an exact impression for a small sink and drainage area, as well as an access hole for a faucet.

? Dan carefully sands the surface and applies a professional concrete sealant. Once the sealant has dried, a coat of wax is applied and buffed.

? The counter is been installed. Matching tiles make a splash guard over the counter. The cabinets were custom built by Maintenance and woodshop crew member David De Gomez.

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