? This continues the report from November 20. 2006. ? This continues the report from November 20. 2006.
[from left] Both wall-panel forms are ready. The concrete is mixed on a slab above the Ceramics Apse. Workshop participants Jeffery Meylan, Bernardo Claus and Sayer Broughton pour the concrete mixture into the slide that is normally used to move clay from a truck to the Ceramics studio. Volunteer Alfonso Elia catches the concrete mixture with a wheel-barrow.
Landscape coordinator Ron Chandler and crew man the mixing process of sand, gravel and cement.

? Construction manager for this project, David Tollas, pours the concrete into the silt-cast form, while the crew of construction staff and workshop participants distributes to fill every nook and cranny of both forms.

? [from upper left] The outer steel forms are wide enough to actually accommodate two wall panels, one on top of the other. The first panels have been poured and two days later the crew applies a layer of silt on top of each panel. The reinforcement-bar cage is put in place and secured to the upper layer of the form. The second photo shows the intricacy of custom bent steel and wiring.
David Tollas secures an arrangement of custom cut Styrofoam that will provide a cavity for an existing set of pipes. This report will continue.

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