? The artwork of the Paolo Soleri exhbition at The artwork of the Paolo Soleri exhbition at The series of events here was terrific, really. Some of what we accomplished:
*We held an exhibition of Paolo’s beautiful early drawings at the Boston Architectural Center for the entire month of April. 25,000 pedestrians per week walked past the BAC’s glass-walled first floor gallery, and one particular weekend more like 150,000 people passed the place – the day of the Boston Marathon, whose route comes within ten feet of the gallery. 1,000 students per week – and a couple hundred faculty – passed through the gallery.
*And as part of this, we sponsored a public lecture by Paolo, the 14th “Cascieri Lecture” at the BAC. Paolo was awarded the Archangelo Cascieri Medal at this event, to a standing ovation. Archangelo Cascieri was the longtime Dean of the BAC, whom Paolo met many years ago, and who died recently at age 98.
*Around 300 people showed up for Paolo’s public lecture. The room holds approximately 200. We had planned for this, and the remainder watched on large-screen live-video in other parts of the BAC, and through the gallery storefront from the street. All these people attended a reception after the lecture. 80 of them attended a separate reception before the lecture, too.
*A dozen ex-Arcosanti workshoppers attended Paolo’s lecture and reception, including familiar names like Paula Wittner, Modestino Conti, Peter and Chiara Van Erp, and George Kosmides who organized the alumni gathering.

? *While here, Paolo was interviewed by NPR/WBUR for an hour. This tape is still being edited and we do not know yet when it will be aired.
*Paolo was interviewed by a representative of “City Futures” magazine from New York.
*Paolo will be the cover story in May’s “Practice” magazine, a publication of the BAC.

Thank you, Jeff Stein and Boston Architectural Center, for a terrific effort.

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