? Interior construction proceeds in the lightscoop apartment on the first floor of Unit 10 in the East Crescent, with drywall installation. [see previous reports from 9/5, 9/10 and 9/26/07]
Alex Barragan attended the seminar week of Nov.5 2006 and returned with two friends to donate their week-end with hanging drywall in this new apartment.

? Alex has visited Arcosanti many times. He organized several Indian concerts [see 4/27 and 4/29/05 postings], at Arcosanti and Cosanti both. He has also organized some of the book signing events for Paolo in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area.
Installing the drywall ceiling panel, the guys have to work in a tight spot in the small bathroom of this unit.

? The installation is almost complete. In the main room the drywall has been taped and mudded and is now ready to be sanded and painted.
Alex and his crew accomplished a lot and we extend a hearty “Thank You” for their kind generosity.

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