? We continue our report from 11/30/07 of interior construction on the first floor in the back apartment of Unit 10 of the East Crescent.
The walls in the small bathroom were finished with a water-proof drywall sheeting. Sheet edges and fastener heads have been mudded and painted with water-proof coating.
Construction crew leader Melissa Soluski works on one of several layers of the shower pan.

? The shower base is built in three layers. A pre pan of deck-mud, a concrete mortar, is spread on the concrete surface and molded into the shape of the shower pan, with a slight slope towards the shower drain. A CPE vinyl membrane is spread over this layer. The membrane comes up on all three walls and is folder over the step of the pan.
Once this vinyl layer has been tested for any leaks, Melissa installs a layer of wire mesh.

? Another layer of deck-mud is poured, which is reinforced by the wire mesh.
The surface has to cure and we will continue to report on this location when tile installation starts.
The report on general interior work in this apartment continues on 12/7/07.

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