Director Tomiaki Tamura designed and initiated the re-organization of the second floor office space in the S.O.D. Unit [Soleri Office and Drafting Unit].
[from upper left] The middle of the office is designated to the receptionist and phone switch board, plus a desk for the purchasing agent and the copy machine.
This is always an area where a lot of things accumulate and a thorough clean-up and re-organization makes a wonderful difference. Long-time receptionist Shirlee Wheeler is happy with this new arrangement.

[Photo & text: sa]

[from upper left] The north section of the office is occupied by the Graphics Department and a small meeting area.
Reference materials were re-sorted and a bookshelf installed against the entire length of the north wall.
The meeting space was enlarged and graphics department moved from the middle of the area right next to planning department.
A system of new low voltage cable lighting was installed. The result is a crisply clean and comfortably efficient working environment.

[Photo & text: sa]


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