? While we reported on all sorts of activities and events, construction continued all along. Part of the crew worked on the second floor of the East Crescent, Phase 5, to finish the interior of the south-east apartment in Unit 10.
The apartment is a large open space with a bathroom and shower behind a curved wall at its north-west corner.

? [from upper left] The main space has a set of windows facing west into the Colly Soleri Amphitheater and large windows facing east and south over the roof of the S.O.D. Unit.
Dry-wall has been completed and architect and planning coordinator Dan Kelliher is in the process of finishing the walls and ceiling.
The shower walls are painted with a tough sealant to protect from moisture.

? [from upper left] Dan proposed to finish the curved inner wall of the bathroom with a tile mosaic of the 1969 design of Arcosanti.
The beginning of the mosaic is layed out on a large table in the main room.
This design can be found in Paolo Soleri’s book “Arcology: City in the Image of Man”, page 129.
Photos have been taken throughout the now complete interior work and this report continues on 6/6/07

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