? This continues the report from 1/24/07 about the new wall behind Crafts III.
[from upper left] Enough time has passed to make sure that the last two concrete wall panels have cured sufficiently. The first panel will be lifted into place right next to the back wall of Crafts III .
Crew leader Dave Tollas explains that a very thin layer of silt is all that is needed to ensure good separation from the slab.

? [from upper left] Landscaping coordinator Ron Chandler is an expert at manipulating the crane boom minute distances. With David’s hand signals and Ron’s response with the crane, the panel is moved, turned around and guided into place in graceful motion.

? [from upper left] The panel connects with the north wall of Crafts III next to the back entrance to the bakery. Construction volunteer Brendon Maloney guides the panel from one side and volunteer crew member Darina Trendafilova from the other side. Crew chief David Tollas signals to get the panel lined up exactly. Again, steel weld plates on the bottom of the panel will be welded to weld-plates imbedded in the retaining-wall on which the panel rests. This report will continue on 2/7/07.

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