? On 8/10 we started a report of interior work in the first floor apartment in Unit 9 of the East Crescent. The apartment next to it, south-east, is located in Unit 10. This apartment is layed out with the living room in the Light Scoop space. [see the exterior view of the apartment in the 8/10 report].

? Windows and the exterior door have been installed.
Metalshop coordinator Darina Trendafilova grinds a custom fit door frame to prepare it for primer and paint.

? The main room of this apartment has been used for some time as a body-building studio. The weight equipment has now been moved into the main recreation room, which is on the same floor in a seperate space that faces the Colly Soleri Amphitheater.
On 9/10/07 we will continue this report with the interior finishing of the lightscoop space.

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