? Congratulations to the graduates of the October 7. 2007 workshop program:

[from left] Alumnus from 1978-81, David Sylvester, who volunteered his services to the construction crew, while his son Leo took the workshop. THANK YOU for your good work.

Nile Fahmy continues his internship in the foundry.
Federica Doglio was part of the construction crew during her workshop, Leo Syvester spent his workshop as part of the Soleri Archives team,
Francesco Ferretti continues on as volunteer in construction,
David Ledbetter continues as part of the metalshop team,
Miccaella Eo was part of the archives team during her workshop,
and Trevor Golden worked with construction.
In front of Trevor is Daniela Cardace, a graduate of the Sept.2. workshop, who now volunteers in construction. Next to Trevor, Peter Lindgren started with this group and continues his Arcosanti scholarship.

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