? Report from 2/5/07 continues.
[from upper left] The panel was lifted into its space connecting to the north wall of Crafts III. Dave Tollas drills into the wall to provide an anchor for a brace that will support the panel. Construction volunteer Brendon Maloney slowly turns the brace to fine-tune the panels position.

? [from upper left] The brace has an internal mechanism like an extendable rod for a shower curtain, just much more solid.
With very slow revolution, to extend the brace, the panel is lined up perfectly and then stabalized. Now the crane cables are disconnected and lifted away.

? [from upper left] David checks the welding connections between the panel and retaining wall. Wedges were put in place to let the panel settle into perfect alignment before it is welded into place. This report will continue on 2/19/07.

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