? Welcome to the September 2. 2007 workshop participants:

[top from left]
Eric Cote, William Holman [construction intern], Daniela Cardace [construction intern], Patrizia Lorio [Arcosanti scholarship] and Joseph Croce.

[middle from left]
Jeffrey Michaels, Elisabetta Quaglino [construction intern], James Magetteri [seminar week], Katie Schroeder [agriculture scholarship]
and Cameron Wilson [construction intern].

[front] Amber Clatt [construction intern] …

? … and Charles Quinlan [seminar week].
A special ‘Welcome Back’ to Charles Quinlan. Charles is a retired Professor of Architecture at CAL Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA. He came to Arcosanti for his first workshop in 1975 and has since then faithfully attended a summer workshop almost every year.

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