? This continues the on-going report, last segment posted on 1/5/07, of a new wall at the entrance to the Crafts III Visitors Center. The old wall was a combination of wood-slat fence, covered with honeysuckle and star-jasmin vines, and a large diagonal section of solid wood, painted blue, with ARCOSANTI in large cast letters. One of the more drastic monsoon storms last year completely demolished the Arcosanti sign and now the whole wall will be replaced.
Wood forms and steel reinforcement have been installed in the trench and the construction crew, as well as the landscaping crew, prepares concrete.

? The concrete mixing area is above the kiln area next to the Cermaics Apse. There is a slide from the upper level that usually servers to transport clay from a delivery truck into the Ceramics studio. This time concrete will be poured down into wheel barrows close to the trench. Most of the construction crew is with this wall project from the beginning and has developed into a well coordinated team under leader Dave Tollas tutalage.

? As part of the team pours concrete at one end of the trench, some team members work on the visitors bridge side. Some of the landscaping was left in place and an existing water run-off chanel is deepened and re-inforced.
A small retaining wall will be poured parallel to the bridge. This will support the panel that connects to the north wall of Crafts III.
Report will continue on 1/10/07.

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