? The second floor of Unit 6 in the East Crescent complex has two apartments, a lightscoop studio and a south facing, wedge-shaped, one-room apartment that is currently used as a dorm for workshop participants and visiting groups.
The floor contains a hydronic heating system protected by a layer of gypcrete.
Construction crew uses a pause in bookings to tile. [from upper left] Crew leader Melissa Poluski teaches workshop participant JiHye Son. Workshop participants Jenn Epstein and Midori Shibutani measure tiles to be cut for the slanted wall. Melissa at the tile saw.

? [from upper left] Jenn and Midori apply grout.

The floor of the small bathroom was tiled earlier. Melissa cut and installed a darker tile for a smooth transition between the two rooms.

? The last detail was installation of floorboards.

Beds and closets are back in place ready for the next group. Up to 6 people can comfortably stay in this apartment, while the East Crescent is under construction.
End-use of this apartment is resident housing.

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