? [from upper left] Note the scaffolding erected in front of the small greenhouse at the south-east corner of the S.O.D. Unit, the Soleri Office and Drafting complex.
The lowest part of the greenhouse window frame has been selected for the installation of a set of solar panels.
The panels were graciously donated by PTL [Photovoltaic Testing Laboratory], which is a part of Arizona State University. We extend a hearty THANK YOU to Program Manager William Shisler for this generous donation.
Metal shop staff Philip Bonham looks over the metal frame to size up what needs to be done in preparation for installation of brackets.
Workshop participant Rebecca Manning sands away paint to ensure solid welding joints. Workshop participant Sylva Tentori sands the edges of one of the brackets that will hold the solar panels in place.

? Philip welds a bracket to the greenhouse frame. The bracket shape continues the exact slope of the greenhouse window. This is an area with a lot of very strong wind, so Philip makes sure that the weld joints are super strong.
Four triangular brackets have been installed, on which now three cross beams are fastened.
Sylva sands the frame to eliminate any rust before it is repainted.
Construction crew Darina Trendafilova repaints the metal.
One of the maintenance rooms below the S.O.D. Unit is prepared for utility installation. Here the wiring will be brought together, the collected energy will be stored and distributed to path lighting fixtures, and collection and distribution will be monitored.
This report will continue on 5/14/07.

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