? The report on construction of a new wall, enclosing the recycling area behind the Crafts III building at Bakery level, continues.
The concrete retaining walls have been poured and need a minimum of two weeks to cure. Now the first four panels are prepared for lifting and anchoring into place.
[from upper left] Note the half-moon indentation on the upper front panel.
[four small photos] During preparation for this panel, crew chief Dave Tollas cut out some small pieces of styrofoam and taped them in place, to create this cavity on the side of the panel. The reason for it will become aparent when the panel is lifted into place. This panel will connect to a wall with an large utility line and the cavity will make room for this line.
The small squares inbetted in the side of the panels are steel weld plates.

? Square steel pieces have been cut. They will act as connecting pieces between each panel and the retaining wall on which the panels will stand.
Also note the silt ring between the two panels. A thin level of fine silt was spread onto the lower panel before the conrete for the upper panel was poured. It will make for easy separation when the upper panel is lifted.

? Welding crew Philip Bonham has welded one of the square steel support pieces to a weldplate inbetted into the side of one of the panels. He now grinds the steel piece very clean, so that no rust will prevent a solid welding connection.
Report will continue 1/12/07. The next step is to move the crane into position to hoist the panels in place.

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