? We continue the report from 9/5/07 of interior work in the Light Scoop space on the first floor apartment of Unit 10 in the East Crescent.
All the utility lines have been installed, as well as white styrofoam insulation panels against the outer wall. This window and wall face south and this space is planned as the living room. Note the curve in the wall on the right.

? This curved wall makes room on the exterior of the apartment for a recessed exit to a small hallway which leads to a staircase to the lower level office.
We will cover a plan of this unit and an image of the outside entrance in the next report.

? All throughout the East Crescent, the planning department has specified use of a R13 Ultra Touch – Natural Cotton Fiber Insulation. This insulation is installed over the styrofoam panels to give extra protection against the extreme temperatures in summer and also in the winter month.
We will continue this report on 9/26/07.

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