? We continue the report from 12/7/07 about interior finishing work of Unit 10 in the East Crescent.
Construction intern Cameron Wilson cuts and installs moisture proof drywall and touches up the ceiling in the back hallway that leads to the small studio apartment.

? Alumnus Angus Gluck, wizard of fine plastering, stopped in for a day to finish the surface of the ceiling with weather proof coating.

? The apartment faces north and east and is a small self-contained studio with kitchen and bathroom.
See 9/26/07 for plan of the apartment and location of the back hallway.

The back entrance to the apartment is hidden on Angus’ left side. The door in view at the back of the hallway is a back entrance to what is now a recreation room [see report 9/3/2006] and library [report 12/4/2006].

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