? This continues the report on construction of a new wall enclosing the recycling area behind the Crafts III building at Bakery level.
As the first four concrete wall panels cure and are prepared for lifting, the crew focuses their attention on the crane. This solid old crane has been a vital tool of construction at Arcosanti since the mid 70’s, and its help is needed to move the concrete wall panels into place.
The construction and crane team is an international crew of volunteers, architect Alfonso Elia from Italy, student of urban planning, Jung Ju Lee from Korea, architect Jeffrey Meylan from Switzerland and architect Bernardo Claus from Italy.

? The crane has been dormant since the finish of major construction of Phase 5 of the East Crescent. Every few weeks it is started and let run for a while, to keep the battery charged and to make sure it remains in running condition.
Now team leader Dave Tollas takes his crew through the crane to check and oil where needed. The boom is moved from its upright storage position. The steel cables are cleaned and greased.

? A few days later the crane is ready to move. This is an exciting moment. Everyone comes out to see this faithful old crane move majestically from its storage place behind the East Crescent to a slab above the Ceramics kiln area. Report will continue 1/17/07.

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