? A presentation of the Paolo Soleri Bridge and Plaza design for the Arizona Canal in downtown Scottsdale took place on October 10. 2007.
The bridge would cross the Arizona Canal west of Scottsdale Road, with an entry plaza to the canal walkway along the south bank.
Plans for the120 foot passenger bridge and the 11,000 square foot plaza were on display for the public at the foot of the Marshall Way bridge.
The design was updated with some of the suggestions from the first public forum, with non-reflective metal with a soft finish for the bridge columns, a canopy over the bridge and more trees and plants on the plaza for extra shade.
Architecture: Douglas Architects, 7522 East McDonald Drive, Scottsdale, AZ
Landscape Architecture: Steve Martino & Associates, 8828 North Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ
Lighting: Roger Smith Lighting Design, 1135 East Desert Cove Avenue, Phoenix, AZ
Structural Engineering: Paul Koehler, 7434 E. McDonald Drive, Scottsdale, AZ
[photo] Architect and project manager Bill Peifer of Douglas Architects in Scottsdale, AZ.

? Scottsdale Public Art coordinator Judith Patrylak said “This is a completed design for a bridge that will attract people internationally to the city for years to come.” Patrylak describes Soleri’s design as a “clean, pure form … a humble piece that should be very gemlike”. The Scottsdale Public Art program, administered by the Scottsdale Cultural Council, has pledged $1 million for the project. Developers of the Scottsdale waterfront contributed $500,000. The Scottsdale City Council will be asked to commit $1.6 million for the bridge and plaze during hearings next spring, Patrylak said. If approved, construction could start as early as July and be completed in March 2009. [per AZ Republic article Oct. 8.2007 az.central.com].

? Paolo is hopeful and enthusiastic about this project.
The dark glasses are to protect very recent eye surgery on the previous day, Oct. 9. 2007.
And he had a bad fall riding bicycle, hurt his hip and leg.
But cheerful and positive, he attended the opening of the bridge plans and was back at Arcosanti on 10/11 for this weeks School of Thought and to welcome the new workshop.

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