? During the interior finishing work, construction crew installed a hydronic heating system under all of the apartment floors on the second level of the East Crescent.
[see report from 4/19/04]
The hydronic system consists of continuous cross-linked polyethylene tubing secured with metal mesh.
The tubing is protected by a layer of gypcrete. [see report from 4/21/04]. 6,000 linear feet of hydronic tubing was donated by Wyatt Development and the Wirsho/Uponor Company to complete this project.

? The gypcrete floors were tiled in Unit 6, Unit 7 and Unit 9. Unit 8 and Unit 10 floors were carpeted.

? In each room, all of the tubing connects to a wall in-take and out-flow system, which in turn connects to all of the other apartment outlets.
This report continues on 11/14/07 with installation of the distribution system for the hydronic floor heating for all of the second floor and the official opening of same.

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