? This continues the report from 6/13/07 of interior work in Unit 10, East Crescent.
The beautiful tile mosaic on the curved south wall of the bathroom is complete.
The mosaic was designed, cut and installed by architect and Planning coordinator Dan Kelliher.
The design is based on a 1969 version of Arcosanti, which can be found in Paolo Soleri’s book “Arcology: City in the Image of Man”, page 129.

? The bathroom and shower are tucked behind the curved wall at the north-west corner of this large open room.
Interior work now continues in the main space with installation of carpet tiles.
The floor is meticulously cleaned before carpet glue is applied to a quarter of the space at a time.
Construction crew Melissa Soluski and volunteer JiHye Son are on this job.

? Utility lines in the curved wall are left exposed for the time being, waiting for construction of the third floor and completion of utilities for the building.
The main space has a bank of windows facing west into the Colly Soleri Amphitheater and large windows facing east and south over the roof of the S.O.D. Unit.
For the near future this space is allocated as dorm facility for workshop participants and visiting groups.

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