? This continues the 8/06/07 report of interior finishing in the third floor apartment of Unit 4 in the East Crescent complex.
This photo depicts the back entrance to the apartment. We see [from left] a little bit of the tent covering the Colly Soleri Amphitheater, then the Unit 5 lightscoop, a stair case leading to the third floor and the Unit 4 lightscoop, and far to the right a little bit of the Vaults.
The entrance door to the Unit 4 third floor apartment is right above the Unit 4 lightscoop.

? Work continues in the kitchen with installation of a black stove and refridgerator to complement the beautiful birch cabinets with charcoal facing.
Once again, the walls are straight, distortion of the image is due to taking a photo in a tight space.

? A rotating set of shelfs for pots and pans makes the best use of the back corner cabinet.
This report continues on 8/20/07.

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