? On March 22nd, Paolo Soleri gave a visual presentation and discussion at Design within Reach. The invitation flyer read:
Architect, Urban Planner, Sculptor, Ceramicist, Author, Conservationist … DWR says WOW!
Soleri splits his time between Cosanti, in Scottsdale, and Arcosanti, as he continues his commitment to research and experimentation in urban planning.

? Paolo gave a very well received visual presentation and discussion about LEAN ALTERNATIVE.

? Following the presentation refreshments were served, Cosanti Foundation staff Mary Hoadley sold bells and books, and Paolo was available to sign books.
DWR is a furniture studio with a beautiful selection of items with mid-century classic designs. The Scottsdale Studio of Design within Reach is located at 4821 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scotsdale, AZ.

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