? We reported on 5/14, 5/16 and 5/18/2007 about installation of a set of eight solar panels that were installed on the greenhouse window of the S.O.D. Soleri Office building. The panels were graciously donated by PTL [Photovoltaic Testing Laboratory], which is a part of Arizona State University. We again extend a hearty ‘Thank You’ to Program Manager William Shisler for this generous donation.

? These panels will provide the power for a series of light fixtures for the south face of Arcosanti, along the path from the pool all the way to the Ceramic Apse.
The new workshop joins the construction crew for a major job of digging the trench that will accommodate the electric wiring as well as a new sprinkler system for landscaping.

? The trench has to be at least 8 inches deep to protect the utility lines from frost.
This report continues on 11/19/07.

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