? The report continues on the construction of a new wall behind the Crafts III building.
[from upper left] This is a very exciting moment. The faithful old crane stately moves along the old batch-plant and down the incline parallel with the Lab Building.
The lower kiln slab with the first two sets of panels is viewed from the roof of Cafts III. Dave Tollas slowly maneuvers the crane into place with Ron Chandlers guidance.

? [from upper left] Movement of the crane is viewed from the visitors path, again from the roof of Crafts III and from right next to the precast wall panels.
The last photo in this sequence, again taken from the Crafts III roof, shows the recycling slab with a walk-in refrigerator on the right, surrounded by the new retaining wall. Small squares anchored at intervals into the retaining wall are steel weld plates to which the wall panels will be welded.

? [from upper left] Site electrician Dr. Sparks, aka Michael Bittman, climbs the visitor’s bridge railing [hidden by the walk-in refrigerator] with one end of a measuring tape. The other end of the tape is held by Ron Chandler, who stands right next to the crane. This measurement gives a clear idea of the reach of the crane boom. Once the crane is in the best possible position, support feet are re-applied.
Report will continue 1/19/07.

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