? This continues the report from 3/28 about re-construction of the visitors entrance and delivery area behind Crafts III.
The large ARCOSANTI entrance sign was demolished by a mini-tornado last July [see report from 7/24/06] and the re-design encompasses a new silt-cast wall around the cafe and bakery recycling area, and easier access for handicapped visitors. The path around the new wall had to be excavated in some parts and built up in others for smoother transition [see reports from 3/21, 3/23 and 3/26].
Part of the entrance is a passenger bridge that leads to the bakery and Crafts III tower entrance. The bridge has to be lifted close to 12 inches to be level with the new path.

? This heavy wooden bridge is supported by hefty tree trunks. After the crew removed some of the decking, some cut-to-size pieces are pulled through the hole in the bridge decking to be used for new support. A solid piece of steel is put in place under the bridge and looped on both sides with a heavy chain. The chain is then connected to the crane hook and Dave Tollas signals the crane to carefully lift the bridge into place.
The original installation crew secured the bridge very well and it took some digging to finally get the heavy bridge to move.

? Once in place, construction crew members re-secured the bracing under the bridge and poured concrete at the entrance of the bridge to keep it firmly in place. The decking was replaced and another step in the re-construction is complete. To be continued.

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