? The report continues on the construction of a new wall behind the Crafts III building.
[from upper left] The crane is in place and crew leader David Tollas unhooks the big steel beam that is painted with the Arcosanti sign. Two cables of equal length are connected to imbedded loops on the first panel.

? [from upper left] As the crane arm lifts, the cables pick up the slack.
Due to a clean layer of silt between the panels, the first panel separates easily.
The crew guides the moving panel with additional ropes.

? [from upper left] The first panel moved is the panel with a cavity on one side [see report from 1/10]. It is carefully guided into position parallel to the visitors passenger bridge and butts up against the
Crafts III north wall at bakery level. The cavity provides room for existing utility lines. This report will continue 1/22/07.

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