? SASHA SHANTI was born on August 16. 2007 and weighed 9 lbs 10 oz. [see posting 8.17.07] He was born here at Arcosanti in the Begin-Tollas residence, the west foundry apartment.
He is healthy and cheerful and growing in leaps and bounds.

? [from upper left] The Arcosanti crew had a baby-shower for the new arrival in the Colly Garden infront of the Vaults.
With a pot-luck of lots of delicious dishes.
Mary Hoadley with Sasha.

? [from upper left] Sasha Shanti, almost a month old.
Workshop participant Amber Klatt and cafe manager Carrie Krueger with Sasha.
The proud parents David Tollas and Nadia Begin.
Nadias friend and alumna Segolene Gautier traveled from Canada to be here for the big occasion.

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