? The Arcosanti Community Council has adopted a piece of Highway 17 in the fashion of many companies or organizations that adopt a mile or so of a local road and dedicate themselves to keeping the surrounding area clean.
Loaded up in the back of a few pickups, a crew of volunteers rode out to the ramps of Cordes Junction and set to work picking the shoulders clean of trash and recyclable materials.

? Decked out in day-glow orange safety vests and carrying sturdy trash bags, the crew crashed through the roadside brush and set to work.
What may seem to be a chore actually turns out to be quite the entertaining adventure, once you realize that besides the usual hubcaps, bottles, and fast food cartons, some pretty odd stuff winds up on roadsides.

? It’s become a bit of a tradition for the volunteers to save their most interesting find, to present to everyone at morning meeting the next day in hopes of winning a prize. Legend has it that on a past Adopt a Highway excursion from Arcosanti, someone found a hundred dollar bill! Though no one found any money on this particular day, there were a few encounters with wildlife; a baby rattlesnake hiding in the safety jacket storage closet, a walnut sized Black Widow spider, and a fairly large lizard hiding in an abandoned 22oz. cup on the roadside.
All items collected are brought back to Arcosanti to be thoroughly recycled.
At the morning meeting today workshop participant Leo Sylvester won the treasure hunter first prize with a little toy sword that actually lights up. First prize: three delicious cookies from the Arcosanti bakery.

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