? We last reported on construction at the Visitors Center entrance on 4/30/07. It’s time to catch up on all of the work that has progressed there all along.
Up to 4/30 we reported on a new set of silt-cast wall panels that surround the walk-in refridgerator for the cafe and bakery and the recycling area right next to it. The path around this area was re-leveled and re-paved, a new metal railing was installed and the passenger bridge was raised.
The loading area has been completely redesigned and now sports a beautiful ramp to make access easier for physically challenged visitors as well as deliveries.
[from upper left] The large ARCOSANTI entrance sign was demolished by a mini-tornado last July [see report from 7/24/06] and the crew is in the process of putting together a sturdy new wall for the ARCOSANTI entrance sign.
Concrete posts have been cast in place on both sides and a cinderblock retaining wall will support the new sign at the bottom.
The crew, Sylva Tentori, Fernando Lomasto and Livio Stabile, frame the wall on the ground before securing it place.

? {from upper left] The larger view shows the north-side of the Crafts III building, where this construction is taking place.
Photo was taken from the path that leads from the visitors parking lot to the entrance.
Construction crew Rebecca fastens wooden slats onto the frame.
The wood work echoes other wood finishing on the Crafts III building.

? When the old sign was destroyed by heavy winds, luck had it that all the letters survived in good shape. Rebecca now re-mounts the letters and secures them on the back of the wooden wall.
Landscaping coordinator Ron Chandler saved most of the cacti and other plants from this area and now replants this little entrance garden.
This report will continue on 6/27/07.


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