? Construction continues at the new Visitors Center entrance. We last reported on this area on 9/14/07.
Construction staff David Tollas teaches a crew of interns and workshop participants.
[from upper left] The old staircase is demolished.
Workshop participant Cameron Wilson and construction intern Vidhushekhar gather pieces of concrete.
Vidhu uses an automatic hammer drill to break apart the concrete to make room for a new staircase.
Workshop participants Elisabetta Quaglino and William Holman prepare the form for a slab above what will be a much wider set of stairs.

? Between to the new stair construction and the concrete bench [see reports from 7/11 and 7/13] the crew prepares a form for a concrete planter.
[from upper left] Cameron nails wooden slats to the outer part of the form.
An inner form is held in place by wooden spacers and some steel reinforcement is placed into the form to strenghten the concrete.

? [from upper left] Concrete has to be inserted and distributed very carefully in this tight form. The crew is Eric Cote, Vidhushekhar, William Holman, Elisabetta Quaglino, Daniela Cardace and Cameron Wilson.
Elisabetta and Cameron finish the surface of the planter.
This planter is located at the lowest level of the new access ramp for deliveries and physically challenged visitors.
This report continues on 9/24/07.

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