? This continues the report from 1/19/07 on the construction of a new wall behind the Crafts III building.
[from upper left] The first panel is in place and the crew hooks up cables to the imbedded connections on the next panel.
Landscaping coordinator Ron Chandler manages the crane arm, as David and his crew guide the next panel into place

? [from upper left] Note the small square steel weld plates imbedded in the retaining wall. The squares are lined up with identical size steel squares on the underside if each panel.
The crew installs a heavy brace on the upper back of each panel, to stabilize the panels until the weld plates on the bottom of each panel have been welded into place.

? [from upper left] The brace connections at both ends are adjustable.
Square steel pieces [see report of 1/10/07], are installed between the weld plates of each panel and the retaining wall. The steel connections are cleaned of rust one more time and crew chief David Tollas welds each panel into place. After welding the steel is painted with a rust proof protection. This report will continue 1/24/07.

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