? Group synergy is scheduled for 2 days during the second week of each 2007 workshop.
This workshops project is an intensive planting effort in the Arcosanti gardens. Beds have been prepared and many seedlings were started in the greenhouse [see report from 4/4/07]. The crew familiarizes workshop participants with planting techniques and the synergy program.

? The group planted 90 tomato plants, 50 eggplants, lots of peppers and marigolds.
The group also planted seeds for zucchini, pumpkins, green beans, corn, cucumber, watermelon and okra.
The planted beds are protected by straw.

? [from upper left] One of the efforts was to rabbit-proof the entire length of the fence around the Pawlonia garden. The group dug a trench along the fence and lined it with chicken wire. Little pepper plants, raised in the greenhouse, have taken well to their new location. Just a few days later one of the zucchini plants sprouts from its seed.
The only duck enjoys a little duck pond in the herb garden.

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