? Construction continues at the new entrance for the Visitors Center.
A new railing has been installed on the path between Crafts III and the Ceramics Apse.
March 4. workshop participants JihYe Son and Jenn Epstein paint the new railing.
After completion of their workshop, both JihYe Son and Jenn Epstein stayed on as volunteers in construction.

? Construction crew Darina Trendafilova and JiHye Son finish a freshly poured concrete slab that connects the path from the visitors parking lot to the passenger bridge entrance of Crafts III.
The slab is finished with indentations like individual pavers, to give a uniform appearance to the whole path.

? A new Italian crew, April 1. 2007 workshop participants Livio Stabile, Fernando Lomast and Sylva Tentori, dig a trench behind the bakery right next to the walk-in refridgerator.
A utility line vent is in the way of a planned retaining wall and is moved closer to the backwall of the bakery.
Report on this construction area will continue on 4/25/07.

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