? The Arcosanti Gardens entered both the Yavapai County and Arizona State Fairs this year and it was a great success!
The Yavapai County Fair was held in Prescott Valley in September and we won first place ribbons for: strawberry popcorn, purple Peruvian peppers, butternut squash, fresh oregano, braided garlic, dried rosemary, dried sage, garlic bulbs, and the most artistic display of vegetables. Second place ribbons were awarded for royalty purple pod beans, and sweet peppers. We also received third place ribbons for short burgundy okra, fresh rosemary, yellow pear tomatoes and Anaheim chili peppers.
Points were awarded for all first second and third place category winners and Arcosanti tied for first place overall in the vegetables category! We won a coin toss (as a tie breaker) and the first place silver plate is now displayed in our gallery.
[from left] Garden crew Melissa Soluski, Maggie Lamb, Katie Schroeder, agriculture manager Lisa Willott and agriculture intern Amber Klatt.

? The Arizona State Fair in Phoenix, running in October and November was also successful. We received 13 first place ribbons for dried sage and rosemary, bowl gourds, butternut squash, garlic, yellow pear tomatoes, strawberry popcorn, Clemson spineless long okra, burgundy short okra, green tomatoes, tepary beans, and purple Peruvian peppers. Second place ribbons were won for purple snap beans and birdhouse gourds, and a third place ribbon for our last of the season eggplant.
[from left]: Katie Schroeder, Lisa Willott and Amber Klatt with the award winning items and State Fair ribbons.

? General notes for department:
The harvest is wrapping up. We attended local Farmer’s Markets between May and the end of September in both Prescott and Prescott Valley in order to sell our produce and pass on information and brochures to people about the Arcosanti project.
The greenhouse is planted with lettuces and greens and outdoors we are planting the last of the garlic and harvesting the last butternut squash and few remaining vegetables (zucchini, cucumber, tomatoes) before it freezes.
We will begin to plant our winter cover crop shortly. And we will have a new batch of honey available soon from the summer blossoms at Arcosanti.
And for Thanksgiving, we donated about 100 lbs of our butternut squash to BMIS Black Mesa Indigineous Support Group in Black Mesa, AZ.
[from upper left]: At the farmers market, Lisa Willott, foundry staff Rick Frost, Maggie Lamb, Melissa Soluski, foundry staff Tucker Zenski and Amber Klatt.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Thanksgiving at Arcosanti photos will be posted on Monday, 11/26/2007.

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