? This continues the report on the new wall behind the Crafts III building from 1/22/07.
[from upper left] The first four panels have been welded to the underlying retaining wall. Three panels sit on the north-east corner of the recycling slab. One panel sits parallel to the visitors passenger bridge. Steel reinforcement has been installed next to this panel in preparation for a column to be poured in this location.

? Two additional panels will complete the wall. One of the panels [in front] will have an opening for a door. This panel will connect with the north wall of Crafts III next to the back entrance to the bakery. Crew chief David Tollas, with his group of volunteers, prepares the steel reinforcement cage. Again, fine silt has been spread on the slab, to help separate the panel. Steel weld plates are connected to the inside of the steel form.

? [from upper left] Concrete has been poured into the prepared forms and construction staff Brandon Scott screeds the wet concrete to smoothen the surface of the wall panel.
These last two wall panels now have to cure for at least two weeks. This report will continue with the placement of these panels.

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